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20’ & 40’ Medical Storage Containers for Healthcare Industry

The medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have critical requirements for storage, patient care and operational efficiency. East Coast Containers offers high quality, durable storage containers for all facets of the healthcare & medical fields. Our cost-effective storage solutions are customizable, delivered quickly and offer an easy, secure solution for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in need of space to store equipment & supplies or use as a mobile clinic and patient triage centers. Don’t let a lack of adequate storage take away patient rooms or cause a problem, our portable shipping container units are available for temporary or permanent use to help you free up valuable space for patients and other areas. Buy Healthcare Storage Containers Online using our safe and secure website.

East Coast Containers 20' & 40' Healthcare Industry Storage Containers

Applications of Storage Containers in the Healthcare Industry

  • COVID Testing & Vaccine Site
  • Temporary first aid center
  • Patient admittance and processing checkpoint
  • Secure, weatherproof storage for medical records (paper & digital), maintenance equipment, vaccine, medicine & more
  • Emergency storage for beds, wheelchairs and overflow equipment

Healthcare Container Upgrades

Storage containers can be fitted & upgraded with the following:

  • Computers, tables and shelving
  • Lights, doors, windows, partitions and seating
  • Standard or climate-controlled storage
  • External steel security bars, motion detector lights & more security upgrades

Benefits of our Healthcare Storage Solutions

Storage container units and portable office containers provide many benefits in the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. While they can improve the safety, productivity and effectiveness in the healthcare operations, the primary benefits include:

Safety: Our storage container units are durable and weatherproof to keep your medical records, supplies and equipment items safe and secure from theft, damage and weather elements (rain, sleet, UV rays, snow).

Portability: Units are very portable, allowing you to move them (when empty) from one medical site to another with no risk of structural damage to the container.

Convenience: Our 20’ medical storage containers are designed to fit within a single parking space (you will need two spots for the 40’ options). This allows you to keep the unit on-site, giving you continued access to the items you need.

For more information about our new, used and high cube (HC) containers, payment options or container delivery tips, please visit our FAQ page. Other inquiries and orders can be placed on the phone at 215-407-8529. East Coast Containers delivers to all major metropolitan areas including Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Connecticut and much more.

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