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Summer Shipping Container Maintenance Tips

Tips to Maintaining your Shipping Container this Summer

East Coast Containers Summer Shipping Container Maintenance TipsAlthough shipping containers are constructed with durable steel in order to withstand the harsh weather of any season they need to be maintained in order to keep the best condition. East Coast Containers recommends cleaning and making necessary repairs to your unit before the start of spring, summer, winter and fall. Each coming season brings different weather elements and it is important you are prepared. In this segment of our blog we will highlight summer shipping container maintenance tips to best withstand the hot, humid and sunny conditions.

6 Proactive Summer Shipping Container Maintenance Tips

Thorough Cleaning & Inspection: The most important portable storage container maintenance tip is to give it a thorough cleaning and inspection at the start of each season. A pressure wash will help to remove caked on dirt and rust before they turn into corrosion. Further, the inspection allows you to spot and easily repair damage before it becomes costly.

Level the Ground: The placement of your container on a flat, level, sturdy surface helps to avoid pooling water on the roof and near the foundation of your container. This shipping container maintenance tip is especially important before the start of summer due to the humid weather and end of the rainy season.

Remove Rust Spots: Your initial cleaning should remove any surface rust, but if you’re still seeing deeply embedded spots you can sandblast them away.

Patch & Seal Holes & Corrosion: Holes and corrosion will develop on the roof, in top or bottom corners and the flooring. You can easily spot holes by going inside the unit, shut the doors and look for any light coming through.

Air Out Bad Odors: Unpleasant odors may have developed from the winter and spring months. You can easily eliminate bad shipping container smells in 5 easy steps!

Lubricate Door Hinges: Besides your roof the doors are one of the most important components to your entire storage container unit. Door hinges should be cleaned and lubricated before the start of the summer season.

Buy New & Used Storage Containers Online

Whether you purchase a new or used storage container, maintenance, cleaning and inspections are required throughout the seasons. When the weather turns cold again, make sure to review our winter maintenance tips. Ensure your investment lasts for many years to come by following our summer shipping container maintenance guidelines. If you’re ready to make the purchase to protect your valuable items, you can easily order online or call our Pennsylvania office location for questions or concerns.

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