10 Tips to know before you Buy a Shipping Container

Tips to Consider before you Buy a Shipping Container

East Coast Containers Buy Shipping Container Tips to ConsiderIf you’re in the market to buy a shipping container you may be a little overwhelmed on where to start and how to go about making your purchase. Since a storage container is considered a long-term investment, you’ll want to be as diligent as possible when it comes to the buying process. Whether your need is commercial storage or you’ve dreamed of converting one into a garage, you’ll want to learn as much information as possible. East Coast Containers, a shipping container supplier, provides 10 tips to consider before you buy a shipping container.

10 Things you Must know Before you Buy a Shipping Container

What you’re using it for: First and foremost, you must establish what you will use the storage container for. This will allow you to decide between a new or used storage container, depending on if the aesthetic matters, and 20’ or 40’ dimension. Check out some creative ways to use a shipping container.

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Delivery Instructions: After you’ve placed your order, the storage container supplier should provide you with instructions to prepare for your delivery. For example, ensure the driver has enough room to unload the container, be sure the ground is level and structurally sound. Furthermore, when you buy a shipping container from East Coast Containers please specify on your order form which way to load the box container doors: facing cab of truck or facing rear of truck.

Container Dimensions:  The dimensions of the storage containers we sell are as follows:

20ft. Shipping Container Dimensions:
20ft External Length
19ft 9in Internal Length
8ft 6in External Height
7ft 10in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7ft 10in Internal Width

40ft. Shipping Container Dimensions:
40ft External Length
39ft 9in Internal Length
8ft 6in External Height
7ft 10in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7ft 10in Internal Width

Container’s Material: You want to make sure the storage container you buy is made of durable, high quality material that will keep your valuables safe & secure. A quality container should be constructed with extra strength steel, heavy doors, secure locks, durable flooring and waterproof seals.

Security Features: While you are responsible to purchase your own locks and bolts, there are security features that can be included such as heavy-duty steel doors, corrugated steel construction and properly working doors & locks.

Source of Sale: Always buy a shipping container from a reputable supplier to ensure a high quality product. Do a little research on the company before you buy online or call to make your phone purchase.

Location it is shipped from: Many container suppliers get their products shipped from overseas and are held at ports they do not own or have full access to. At East Coast Containers we hold our entire inventory at two properties we own in Newark, NJ and Baltimore, MD then ship them directly to your location.

Who’s Delivering the Shipping Container: Similarly, many times when you buy a shipping container it is delivered using a 3rd party company, which costs you more in the end. To save our customers money, we’ve cut out the 3rd party transportation companies and deliver using trucks we own and drivers employed by our family owned company.

Quality Control Tests on Used Containers: Be sure to ask the seller if their used models have gone through a quality control test to ensure all locks, seals and components meet the high standard you need to keep your valuable safe & secure.

How to Order: Whether you’re buying online or over the phone, the company you buy a shipping container from should have an easy & straightforward buying process. If you’re considering buying from East Coast Containers, check out our guide to how to buy portable storage containers online.

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There are many things to consider when you’re in the market to buy a shipping container. If you keep the 10 things above in mind, you can be comfortable making your purchase and ensure you’re happy with your unit for many years to come. For even more information, see how to choose a quality shipping container supplier for even more tips & tricks. Read up on some fun, interesting shipping container facts!

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