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Tips to Prevent Shipping Container Condensation

Simple Ways to Keep your Shipping Container Free of Moisture & Condensation

East Coast Containers Condensation Prevention Tips Shipping ContainersThe dog days of summer have officially hit the east coast of the United States, bringing with it excessive heat and high humidity. By now, you may have already seen water droplets on the walls or buildup in the corners of the flooring. If you’re worried how moisture buildup in your container will affect your items or container lifespan, East Coast Containers has provided some easy tips to prevent shipping container condensation. Moisture control is a standard part of regular storage container maintenance. Investing in these simple steps below to prevent condensation will extend the life of your container and ensure your goods, construction tools & machinery, medical supplies & items do not get damaged.

6 Ways to Protect your Shipping Container from Condensation

Purchase the Correct Pallets: Shipping container owners usually opt for wooden pallets, because they are affordable & durable. But, since they are exposed to the elements year-round, they hold between 35-60% moisture! Even heat treatments won’t get rid of all that water. Switching to a solid concrete foundation or using plastic pallets can greatly reduce condensation inside the container.

Desiccants Absorb Moisture in the Air: Desiccants are a substance, commonly silica, calcium sulphate, charcoal or calcium chloride, that create & maintain dryness inside the container. Be sure to use the proper amount depending on the size of your container to ensure the effectiveness.

Invest in Insulation: Installing insulation in the container prevents extreme differences between inside & outdoor temperature, eliminating condensation buildup.

Install Ventilation: Ventilation systems, such as whirly birds & grate style vents, equalize the interior & exterior temperature. Humidity levels inside the container will remain stable, helping to prevent condensation.

Keep Windows & Doors Open: Try to keep the doors and windows open as much as possible. Not only will this help with lingering musty odors but allows excess moisture to escape.

Purchase Dehumidifier: Dehumidifiers are ideal to reduce the moisture content, especially if the container has wooden floors. Smaller units will do little to help reduce condensation, invest in a larger (industrial) size unit and be sure to empty it regularly.

Year-Round Storage Container Maintenance Tips

While condensation is an issue for the spring and summer seasons, shipping containers need year-round maintenance to ensure their longevity. See our guide to keeping your container cool during the hot summer months. If you’re ready to invest in a storage container, buy shipping containers online through our safe & secure website.

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