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How to Properly Maintain Shipping Container Floor

Shipping Container Floor Maintenance & Repairs

East Coast Containers Proper Shipping Container Floor Maintenance TipsTaking care of every component of your shipping container is important to expand the life of your unit. From the roofing system to doors and flooring, proper maintenance and regular inspections are an integral part of being a container owner. East Coast Container, a storage container supplier, offers 12 tips for proper maintenance and care of the shipping container floor.

12 Tips for Maintaining the Floor of a Storage/Shipping Container

Container Must Sit on Level Ground: This prevents pooling water in and around the container’s foundation, which leads to rust, corrosion and, eventually, the installation of new flooring.

Clean dirt & rust: Surface dirt and rust are very common but should be cleaned regularly to avoid corrosion.

Follow Weight Guidelines: While storage containers are very durable, putting too much weight on the flooring system can cause a breakdown. Industry standard is 62,150 lbs. for a 20’ container and 59,200 lbs. for a 40’ container.

Avoid condensation by storing only dry goods, installing vents and not opening the container doors on very humid days.

Invest in durable flooring: Upgrade the existing plywood flooring a more durable option like vinyl, aluminum or steel,

Regular Inspections are a Must: A thorough inspection of the inside & outside of your container should be done at the beginning of every season to spot minor repairs and get them fixed quickly.

Consider Epoxy Paint Coating: Epoxy can be added to almost any shipping container floor material as an additional protective seal.

Understand Items you can & cannot Store: Avoid disaster by understanding what items you should store in a container and others you cannot.

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Maintain Structural Integrity: It is common to make modifications to your storage container unit, like adding a second set of doors or upgrading the security, but keep in mind these can compromise its integrity. Avoid improperly stacking containers, excessive modifications and frequent sea travel to maintain the container’s structural integrity.

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Don’t Put Off Repairs: Prevent expensive repairs by fixing minor issues when they first arise. Rust build up, cracked floorboard and a gouge from a forklift are relatively easy repairs which prevent long-term damage.

Install Foundation: Not every shipping container needs a foundation, but it may be a good investment to ensure the ground is flat, level and avoid water pooling & damage.

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Travel Carefully: When transporting the container from one location to the next make sure you are very careful with forklift placement to avoid a gouge in the flooring.

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