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Tips to Remove Storage & Shipping Container Odors

How to Remove Lingering Shipping Container Odors

East Coast Containers Eliminate Shipping Container Odors & SmellsWhen you purchase a used shipping container it is impossible to know what was being transported or stored in there before you became the owner. If your unit arrives and there is a lingering smell: don’t panic. East Coast Containers provides easy tricks to remove shipping container odors that don’t require much money or effort.

5 Simple Tricks to Eliminate Shipping Container Odors

Coffee Grounds: One of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to eliminate foul odors from your storage container is ground coffee. Depending on the length of your container purchase the largest size of inexpensive coffee from your local dollar or grocery store. Spread an even layer across the floor, close the doors tightly and leave for 48 hours. Simply sweep up the grounds and your container will now faintly smell like a cup of Joe!

Odor Eliminator Bags: An even easier shipping container odors elimination secret is to purchase odor eliminator bags. Many on the market are inexpensive, all-natural and highly effective to remove a wide variety of smells from your space. Simply place a few bags throughout the container and let the air circulate for 24 hours to remove the shipping container odors. Many bags last up to 3 months.

Power Washing: A good power wash not only removes dirt, dust and rust from the interior & exterior, but it also helps to get rid of any gross lingering smells in your storage container. Regular water is very effective, but you can also add Dawn dish soap for a more powerful clean.  

Air it Out: At East Coast Containers we always recommend airing out your shipping container for a few hours or even overnight when it first arrives at your location.

Vinegar: If you’ve tried all of the shipping container odor eliminator solutions listed above, but you’re still left with a faint lingering smell vinegar is your best option. Spray the inside walls of the container with vinegar, let sit for several minutes then scrub.

Storage Container Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions

While East Coast Containers puts all of their units through a rigorous inspection and testing process, used storage containers do require a little extra care and attention. Keeping up on roof maintenance, cleaning and investing in security upgrades are a few easy ways you can ensure your container lasts for many years. Refer to our blog regularly for new, updates and maintenance solutions. If you’re ready to invest, you can buy shipping containers online through our safe & secure website.

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