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Top Industries to Use Storage Containers

Top Industries Utilizing New & Used Storage Containers

East Coast Containers Top Industries Utilize Storage ContainersShipping containers are used across a wide variety of industries. Gone are the days when they were strictly used to carry goods all over the world. Today, you’ll see storage containers transformed into tiny homes, schools, emergency hospitals, offices, restaurants, retail stores, swimming pools and so much more. Boasting a simplistic design, superior strength and weather resistance, storage containers are a preferred solution for many industries. East Coast Containers offers a full inventory of containers available to be shipped throughout the east coast. We offer new and used containers in sizes 20’ or 40’, as well as high cube containers depending on your industry’s needs. East Coast Containers highlights the top 8 industries to utilize both new and used shipping containers.

8 Industries that Use Storage Containers


Construction job sites require durable, weatherproof and secure sheds to house the expensive building materials, tools and machinery. Used shipping containers are a popular choice for project managers because they can be put to use immediately after delivery. Further, since they’re made of high-grade steel, storage containers are extremely strong, difficult to break into (especially with upgraded locks & security features), air-water-and windproof. These factors combined ensure your valuable construction equipment is protected from moisture & extreme weather conditions.


Manufacturing facilities need ample storage to keep raw materials and finished products. Shipping containers can be modified to maintain temperatures and regulate humidity. Depending on the size of your operation, you can use multiple containers to form a warehouse.


Shipping containers can be used as an inexpensive extension to existing school buildings that have run out of classroom space. Further, in underdeveloped regions of the world, containers are transformed into schools, providing decent conditions for children and teachers.


Shipping containers are the preferred method of transporting vehicles. Further, they are used to store vehicles, as well as spare parts.


Shipping containers are an ideal solution to store sensitive documents. You can easily upgrade the unit to install shelving and partitions to keep the documents well organized. They are durable enough to provide protection for documents at any level. Further, AC/heating systems can be installed to maintain temperatures and regulate humidity levels.


Retail businesses, from clothing to electronics, supermarkets & department stores, deal with a lot of inventory. From smaller-scale stores to large, multi-chain corporations, every item must be segregated, organized and stored properly. Rather than paying the large cost to rent warehouse space, storage containers provide plenty of space for storage and can be easily moved if/when necessary.


Storage containers are predominant in the agricultural and farming industries. Expensive equipment, machinery, raw materials, livestock food and end products must be securely and properly stored. These items must be kept safe against the weather elements and pests, making durable storage containers a good, cost-effective option.

Further, with the depletion of farmland, farmers are opting for vertical storage to keep as much of their land intact as possible. Storage containers are meant to be securely stacked on top of each other.


Similar to the way containers can be converted into schools and office facilities, they can also be transformed into regular or mobile hospitals & emergency clinics. We know containers can be equipped with vents and A/C systems, but they can also be equipped to maintain aseptic conditions to perform surgical operations & more.

Buy New & Used Containers from East Coast Containers

East Coast Containers has been in the industry for over 15 years, supplying the industries above (and many more) with durable, weather-proof containers to help with storage needs, expand their business, help the local communities and more. With locations in Newark, NJ and Baltimore, MD, we guarantee fast delivery to your location.

Our units are available for many modifications and upgrades, depending on your needs. Please note, we do not do moderations for our clients. Use our easy online ordering system to select the container of your choice and make a secure payment. For questions or to place a phone order, call 215-407-8529.

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