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Top Purposes to Repair Shipping Container Rust Upon First Sight

Important Reasons to Repair Storage Container Rust

East Coast Containers Benefits Repair Container Rust Patches ImmediatelyWhile steel shipping containers are constructed with are designed to be used in both dry and wet environments, both new and used containers are susceptible to rust & corrosion. Rust can develop on your shipping container due to lack of maintenance inspections, standing water and/or dents. Once rust develops it is vital for the area to be repaired as soon as it is discovered. Leaving rust spots can cause detrimental and expensive damage! East Coast Containers highlights 5 reasons to repair container rust as soon as its spotted.

5 Reasons to Repair Shipping Container Rust Immediately

Negatively Affects Resale Value: Visible rust spots will drive buyers away. Even surface rust gives the impression your container is not structurally sound or safe for storage. When you repair surface rust spots you ensure you can get the highest price for your shipping container.

Safety Hazards: When rust is left to sit, especially on the roof, flooring and corners, the structural integrity of the container becomes compromised. After a prolonged period of time it is no longer safe for people to enter the container or store valuables inside.

Expensive Repairs: Non-structural surface rust can be easily sandblasted away, primed and repainted. Extensive repairs are necessary for deep rust and holes. These will need to be cut out and a new piece of steel is welded on to patch the hole, prime and paint. Prices can generally exceed $1,000 for this type of repair.

Damage can Quickly Spread: Small surface rust in the bottom corner can quickly lead to the erosion of the shipping container flooring if not addressed quickly and repaired properly. Flooring, roofing and doors and highly susceptible to damage from unrepaired rust.

Invite Pests & Rodents Inside: Rodents, wildlife animals and bugs are tenacious when searching for a place to eat, shelter and mate. Pests can easily gnaw their way through steel that is very damaged by rust or can climb right into the container through deep rust holes. These pests can cause extensive damage to your items inside and it will take a professional pest control company for removal & extermination.

Storage Container Rusting Prevention

Regular inspections of your storage container, especially in the rainy spring season, is the best way to catch small patches of rust that can be easily fixed without too much effort or cost. Further, make sure there is no standing water on the roof or near the foundation as these are the most susceptible areas for rust to develop. Learn more shipping container rust buildup prevention. Purchase new and used, rust-free, high-quality shipping containers from East Coast Containers online!

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