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Buy 40ft Used High Cube Containers Online

East Coast Containers sells high quality, durable, weather-proof 40ft. high cube containers in both new and used condition. A high cube container is extremely similar to a standard 40’ shipping container, except a HC gives you the added convenience of one extra foot of height. The added interior space allows you to store taller, bulky items with ease, gives you extra storage space and, if you’re converting the container to a home or office, gives you higher ceilings! We store all of our new, used and high cube containers at our facilities in either Newark, NJ or Baltimore, MD. This allows our drivers to easily pickup your order and get on the road to your location for the fastest delivery in the industry! Order your Used High Cube Containers Online.

East Coast Containers Used 40FT High Cube Storage Containers

40’ Used High Cube Storage Containers Specs

Used High Cube containers are distinct in comparison to their new counterparts. Varying colors, multiple logo displays, dents, scratches and surface rust are extremely common when you purchase a used container of standard or HQ dimensions. Although they are not as clean as new shipping containers, East Coast Containers guarantees the containers are durable, secure and waterproof to provide the utmost in safe storage for your valuables. Every used container undergoes an extensive inspection and quality control test. We ensure all the seals, flooring and roof are free of holes or damaging rust and test the locking mechanisms to ensure all components are fully functioning. Containers are not eligible to be sold through our website until they fully pass inspection.

40ft. Used High Cube Storage Container Dimensions

40ft External Length
39ft 5in Internal Length
9ft 6in External Height
8ft 9in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7ft 8in Internal Width

HQ & Standard Storage Containers

40’ HQ containers can be used for a variety of residential, commercial, military or industrial uses. From storing extensive construction machinery, farming equipment or converting the container into a tiny home, the extra ~344 cubic feet can make all the difference in the world! Since we are not controlled by the port hours like many of our local competitors, East Coast Containers can receive, process and load an order within a few hours’ time!

Our safe and secure website makes it easy to select and purchase the shipping container of your choice online. Select from next-day (place order before 12PM), 2-day or standard shipping options depending on the urgency. For more information or for questions, call our Morrisville, PA office today at 215-407-8529. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to answer any questions or take your order over the phone. Read more about Our Guarantee for ECC’s commitment to our customers.

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